Results and Critiques: EblanaHalls Gold Limerence

Results and Critiques

Eblanahalls Gold Limerence



  • 2.05.22, 1st AV Terrier Junior, 2nd VULNERABLE NATIVE BREEDS Junior, Banbury and District Open Show, judges Andrew Goodsell and Richard Morris.

  • 23.04.22, 2nd scwt open, Drongan Open Show, Judge David Alcorn,

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  • 17.04.22, 2nd SCWT Open, Ross and Cromarty. Judge Naimh Ballantyne

  • 15.04.22, 1st scwt junior, 1st scwt pg, TERRIER GROUP 2, Edwinstowe Open Show, breed judge Fran Kaye and group judge Ray Morland

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  • 02.04.22, 2nd Junior Bitch. NATIONAL TERRIER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW,  judge Jean Wright

  • 27.03.22, 2nd Junior Bitch,  SOFT-COATED WHEATEN TERRIER CLUB OF GBS Open Show South, judge Brian Moles (Celtannia)

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. A tad smaller than my preference and coat needs to be allowed to grow on but that said, she has lots of virtues to like. Moves very well in side profile, excellent bite, super feminine, best of shoulders, well set tail with plenty behind. Slightly shorter coupling would complete the picture. She should do well in future. ”

  • 20.03.22, 1st scwt pg, Whitehaven and District Open Show,  judge Colin Woodward

“1 Lui Eblanahalls Gold Limerence feminine head with good expression lovely v shaped ears lips tight, good strong teeth & bite, strong neck good front assembly with shoulders well laid back, deep brisket good coat & outline, moved well.”


  • 11.03.22, 1st scwt Junior Bitch, CRUFTS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW,  Judge Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)

”  1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Good Limerence. Very promising feminine youngster, loved her forehand, correct topline and loin, low hocks, so sound both ways, should do very well.  ”

  • 06.03.21, AVNSC Open, BEST AVNSC,  Terrier Group 3, Gateshead Open Show,  judge Pam Cox

  • 05.03.22, 1st scwt graduate, North & South Sheilds Open Show, judge Val Mann

“1 Lui Eblanahalls Gold Limerence 12mth bitch. Well-proportioned head with strength of muzzle & well shaped & set ears. Straight forelegs, deep chest good spring of ribs & short coupled. Well angulated all through. Good coat for age. Carries her tail well. Moved well.”

  • 27.02.22, 2nd scwt Open, Billingham Synthonia Open Show,  Judge Becky A Johnson,

  • 13.02.22 1st AVT puppy, Barrow Open Show, judge


  • 12.02.22, 1st AVT Junior, 1st AV VULNERABLE Breeds Puppy, West Midlands Terrier, Peter Bakewell

  • 05.02.22, 1st scwt puppy, 1st AVT Junior, Isle of Ely Open Show, Judges Matt Smith and Jonathan Daltrey.

“AV TERRIER J 1 Eblanahalls Gold Limerance. S.C.W.T. She has a lovely head and excellent ears and is good for top-line and moved out in this class to win.”

  • 29.01.22, 1st scwt puppy, Lichfield Open Show,  judge Alison Kenny Marriot

  • 20.01.22, 2nd Junior Bitch, Manchester Championship Show,  judge Joe Ashe

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerance. Very attractive bitch, compact, feminine head, good angulation, nice tail set, coat coming through, I would like more of her all over to complete a picture, well handled. ”

  • 09.01.22, 1st SCWT Junior, Boston Championship Show, judge

” 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. Lovely puppy moving better in this class as more settled. Immature with plenty of time. Lovely head and eye. Strong well made body and good tail and quarters. Coat coming.   ”

  • 11.12.21, 1st Puppy Bitch, Ladies Kennel Club,  Judge Felicity Snook

“PB  1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. A very nice puppy bitch. Super showman with a lovely temperament. Maturing very nicely with well-proportioned head, flat skull, dark eyes, well set ears and beard. Well bodied, compact and strong, with level topline and excellent tail set. Moved well, free, graceful and lively, including jumping the lines on the floor!

  • 27.11.2021, 1st scwt  puppy, BEST OF BREED, Terrier Group 4, Perthshire Open Show, Ali Morton (Cotherstone)

“1 Lui’s Elbanahalls Honeytrap JW. A little heavy in head but with good eye colour and pigment. Balanced fore and aft with good length of hip to hock. Strong second thigh. Compact with well sprung ribs. Moved well.’

  • 24.10.2021,1st Minor Puppy Bitch,  SOFT-COATED WHEATEN TERRIER CLUB OF GBS Championship Show, judge Anne Bradley (Montelle)

“1st Eblanahalls Gold Limerence Promising nearly 9 mths old. Has nicely proportioned head well placed dark hazel eye correct ears excellent dentition. Fair length of neck good in front, body has good substance back moderately short and level strong rear quarters well set tail in good coat.”


  • 23.10.2021, 2nd Puppy Bitch, Belfast Championship Show,  judge Sean Delmar (Shillelagh)

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. The colour in her ears needs to clear. Well filled foreface and a good firm back. Good coat for this age and will improve with age “

  • 4.10.2021, 1st Puppy Bitch, Border Union Championship Show under breed specialist judge Bev Howes (Daisymaes)

”  1 Norkett Lui’s Eblanahall’s Gold Limerence. 7 month puppy with pleasing shape, well set ears and correct bite. Level topline with an excellent tail set, moved out well and correct for size – a very pleasing pup.  “

  • 1.10.2021, 1st Puppy Bitch,  BEST PUPPY IN BREED, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under breed specialist Roberta Wright.

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. My BPIB and what a little cracker she is at just seven and a half mths old, showed and handled to advantage. Very feminine with a lovely expression, excellent front, firm body and good angulation, her coat is of good texture and colour. So confident for her age, she moved out soundly. A close contender for the RCC.”

  • 1.10.2021, 2nd Puppy Dog/Bitch, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show (October), under breed specialist Cheryl Satherley (Silkcroft)

” 2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. Another very pretty puppy bitch at seven and a half months. She is ultra-confident and demands attention. She had a super expression with neat small ears that are well placed. Good tailset. Pretty coat and overall balance. She moved with confidence and attitude.   “


  • 24.09.2021, 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GBs Championship show 2020, under judge Bev Hanna (Kinaelan)

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  • 24.09.2021, 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, 1st Puppy Bitch,  BEST PUPPY IN BREED, Birmingham National Championship Show,  under judge John Allen

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence. 8 month puppy bitch, a quality exhibit with a promising future, flat skull, dark eye, good bite, straight front ample reach of neck running into level topline with good tailset, moved with purpose and drive, lovely coat of colour. Handled confidently. Pleased to award her best puppy. BP “

  • 19.09.21, 1st Puppy Bitch, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GBs Open Show North under judge Tracey Jones (Silverluka)

7 month old baby girl who was taking the ring experience in her stride. A very pretty puppy. Nice shaped head with tidy ears and a dark eye. Great expression: A happy young showgirl with enough swag to attract attention. A nice amount of neck that leads onto her good shoulder. Nicely shaped overall, stood square and pleasing to the eye. Level topline that was held when moving into a good angulated rear, Smashing colour to the soft puppy coat. She moved so confidently for such a young girl and was handled so well. A promising puppy with such a super sweet nature. “

  • 12.09.21, 1st AV Puppy, Special Best Terrier Puppy, Lochaber and District Open Show,  under Judge David Anderson (Nisyros)

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11.09.21, 2nd puppy bitch, Richmond Championship show,  under judge Bob Blackley (   )

“2nd: LUI, Mrs L – EblanaHalls Gold Limerence
Another great puppy bitch, similar shape and size to first, good head and expression, good puppy coat and colour, moved well both ways a credit to her owner.”

  • 05.09.2021,  Wolsingham Open Show, 1st AVNSC,  BEST TERRIER PUPPY,  under judge Darren Pearson (Winoski)

“1st Lui’s Elbanahalls Gold Limerence. Very attractive SCWT puppy, excelled in movement which won her the class and the puppy group, strong head and excellent dentition, looked excellent in profile, and coat coming on nicely, balanced puppy, very promising.”


  • 28.08.21, Driffield Championship Show,  2nd SCWT Puppy Bitch, under judge Peter Bakewell.

“2. Lui, Eblanahalls Gold Limerence, another nicely made pup, good head, nice neck, shoulders, ok in body, compact, nice hindquarters. Pleasing in outline.”