Results and Critiques: EblanaHalls Honeytrap JW

EblanaHalls Honeytrap JW


SKC, October 2021, judge Roberta Wright 

South Wales Kennel Association SWKA, October 2019, judge Ms P J Withers

Ladies Kennel Club, December 2018, judge Julie Moyes

East of England, July 2019, judge Denise Bott

20.03.22, 1st scwt open, BOB, Whitehaven and District Open Show under judge Mr Colin Woodward.

“1 Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW 4 years feminine head lovely eye shape with soft expression, lips tight & black, jaw strong with good scissor bite, good topline, shown in good coat and condition, strong hindquarters, very sound mover.”

11.03.22, 3rd Open Bitch,  Crufts Championship Show,  judge Bill Browne-Cole (Travella)

06.03.22, 2nd AVNSC Open, Gateshead Open Show,  judge Pam Cox,

”    “

05.03.22, 2nd scwt open,  North & South Sheilds Open Show, judge Val Mann

” 2 Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW 4yr old bitch. Feminine head with good eye shape & well set ears. Another decent coat. I just preferred the overall angulation of the winner. Move well.    “

22.02.22, 1st scwt, BEST OF BREED, Billingham Synthonia Open Show, Judge Becky A Johnson. 

“1st Lui: Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Lovely bitch who is well balanced and compact. Head of good length with flat skull. Slightly arched neck leading to well laid back shoulder. Well sprung rib with short loin. Excels in hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Moved with great drive. In excellent coat and condition. BOB”


05.02.22, 2nd scwt open, RESERVE BEST OF BREED, Isle of Ely , judge Matt Smith.

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap 4 year old bitch. Nice sized bitch in good coat. Pleasing head, moved more enthusiastically than her dam who is very similar in type and was placed third, RBOB. “


31.07.21, 1st scwt open, TERRIER GROUP 4, Kilmarnock Open Show under judge Heather Turner (Locheil)

”    “

26.01 20, 1st scwt open, BOB, Hamilton Open Show under judge Mr Roger Cruden (Shamsky).

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 2-year bitch having what I like in Wheatens. Profile was good and well-balanced and she also has that lay of shoulder and bend of stifle that allows her to reach out on the move with plenty of push from the rear. BOB G2.   “


  • 25.01.20, 2nd SCWT Open, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and District Open Show under judge Sheila Mackenzie (Nyamindi) 

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. A 2 year daughter of first placed. Again super quality girl standing square and in super coat. Compact body, powerful hindquarters, not such good rear angulation as one but again moved well.    “


  • 27.12.2019, 2nd scwt open, Livingston Open Show under judge Heather Turner 

” Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap, another if excellent breed type with many virtues presented and handled to advantage.   “

  • 21.12.2019, 1st scwt open, Best of Breed, Shortlisted in Group, Carlisle Open Show under judge   Felicity Snook (Pitcombe)

”   “

  • 16.11.2019, 2nd scwt open, Cambuslang Open Show under judge Alison Kenny Marriot (Millingford)

”    “

  • 27.10.2019, 3rd limit bitch, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB, judge Bill Brown-Cole

 “3 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW Smart 2-year old with a super temperament. Loved her shape.
Should do very well.  “

  • 20.10.2019, 2nd scwt open, Kirkintilloch Open Show under judge Estella Saxton(Rattustrapp)

” “

  • 12.10.2019, 1st Limit Bitch, CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE, South Wales Kennel Association under Judge Ms P J Withers

” LB (9) 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap JW. What can I say loved this bitch, correct size and so well balanced, feminine head, good pigment, excellent front, topline and tail carriage, moved well round the ring, good coat texture and colour. CC.   “

Síoda, BCC, SWKA 2019

  • 28.09.2019, 1st Limit Bitch, Belfast Championship Show under judge Mr J Byrnes (Ireland)

    “1st Mr L V Lui – Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Nice head ears ok dark eyes, correct bite with nice big teeth, clean front with good bone and nice feet. Would like a bit more reach of neck, good depth of rib and good length of back strong back end with a nice turn of stifle and well let down at hock moved ok

Síoda, 1st Limit Bitch, Belfast 2019

  • 15.09.2019, 1st Yearling Bitch, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GBs Open Show North under judge Mr Archie Bryden (Gantocks)

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Very well balanced all round, good front, level top line
and nice rear end, pleasing head with dark eye and black nose, moved well.”

  • 07.09.2019,1st scwt pg, Lothian Open Show under judge Mr David Anderson (Nisyros)

  • “Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Very showy youngster, lovely coat and condition. Large nose super head and eye. Short coupled, good on the move and well presented as are all from this kennel.”

Síoda, 1st scwt pg Lothian 2019

  • 31.08.2019, 1st Limit Birch, City of Birmingham Championship show under judge Steve Howe (Sunnidaze)

  • “1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Leading a very strong class a pity only 5 places and all could challenge on another day. This is a very attractive young lady, from the head down through the neck and shoulders and straight front, level topline and rear angles it’s all correct. Beautiful coat, could do with a bit more colour but will come as she matures.”

Síoda, 1st Limit bitch, City of Birmingham Champ show

  • 25.08.2019, 1st Postgraduate dog/bitch, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under judge David Shields

“Lui’s Eblanhalls Honeytrap JW. Pleasing shape with a very typical outlook. Good flat skull with the best of expressions. Very clean over the neck and shoulders. Firm back and correct topline that she holds on the move. Excellent quarters with good strength and well let down hocks. Soundest of movers with good reach and drive.  “

Síoda, 1st pgd/b, SKC 2019

  • 10.08.2019, 1st scwt pg, Best of Breed, Terrier Group 4, Hamilton Open Show, judge Margaret Hooley (Hoolmark)

“1st Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW – Very feminine bitch of good type and character, nicely compact and balanced appearance on the move. Nice strong head and correct earset. Good tailset and in good coat. Handled well and moved with purpose. BOB and Terrier group 4   “

Sioda, BOB & TERRIER GROUP 4, Hamilton Open Show

  • 04.08.2019, 1st AVNSC , Best AVNSC, Kirkcaldy and District Open Show under judge Mr Edward McKenzie (Borcho) 

Lui’s, Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW, SCWT, 21 mth old b. Dark eye, good ear set, correct front and hindquarters, good tail set, moved well.”

Síoda, Best AVNSC, Kirkcaldy 2019

  • 03.08.2019, 1st Limit Bitch, Paignton Championship Show under judge Gill Ford (Kanjuley)

”  1.  Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW  Neat, feminine girl with a balanced head, correct bite and well set ears giving a typical expression.  Good shoulder, level topline and well angulated quarters.  Movement correct from all angles.  Coat still to develop wave, typical of her age and coat type.”

Sioda, 1st limit bitch, Paignton 2019

  • 21.07.2019, 1st AVNSC  postgraduate, Best AVNSC, TERRIER GROUP 1, YORK Open Show under judge Miss Felicity Snook (Pitcombe)

”    “

  • 20.07.2019, 1st scwt postgraduate, Kilmarnock Open Show under judge Mr Robert Donachie

“PG 1 Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap (B). Pleasing head, defined stop, short muzzle, ears lying nicely close to cheeks, good mouth, strong neck, good run-in, level top line, tail well set, short back, well sprung rib, straight front, good hindquarters, moved well.   “

  • 14.07.2019, 1st scwt of, 1st AV BREEDERS, Durham county open show, judge Mr Tom Mathers (Barksalot)

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap JW. She was my Best Puppy when I judged the breed last year at Windsor and she is maturing well. Her coat is a good colour and texture. Pleasing head with expressive eyes. Strong jaw. Well made all through and she moved out soundly with some drive from behind. She won a good variety class under me later in the day.”

Síoda at Durham County Show

  • 06.07.2019, 1st Postgraduate Bitch, Reserve Champion Certificate, East of England Championship show under judge Denise Bott

PGB (9,1) 1 RBCC Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Loved this bitch for size and shape, good head nice length of neck and good shoulder placements, good top line with tail on top, moved with style round the ring.  “

Síoda, RCC at East of England

  • 29.06.2019, 1st scwt pg, Paisley Open Show under judge John Purnell

  • ” SCWT PG (6,1) 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 20 months old bitch of good size, good depth of chest, moderate width good backline and tailset well angulated. Good balanced head square muzzle good dentition good coat colour moved well.”

  • 23.06.2019, 2nd of, Blackpool Championship Show under judge Mr Frederick Gadd 

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. She was turned in to look her best. Moreover, I was happy to go over her. Fine head and neck leading into well-placed shoulders. Deep into her chest plenty of breathing room fine spring of rib. Admirable front first-rate profile good tuck ample stifle low hocks. When I asked to move around the ring moved like royalty. “

  • 15.06.2019, 1st Terrier Breeders Competition, Border Union Championship  Show

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls SCWT, an interesting group in that one was trimmed rather differently from the other two who were like peas in a pod. All soundly made and moved well.   “

  • 15.06.2019, 2nd Postgraduate Bitch, Border Union Championship Show under judge Margret Moller-Seiber (Wheaten Rebel’s)

2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 22 mths old bitch, very good breed type, excellent size, feminine head, excellent angulation and developed body, excellent topline and tail set, excellent coat texture, nice colour, moves well  “

Sioda Border Union 2019

  • 02.06.2019, 2nd Special Yearling, Dundee Open Show under judge Karen Jackson (Jackobyte)

”  2nd Lui’s EBLANAHALLS HONEYTRAP JW (b) Pushed for 1st place – very close decision. Lovely balanced bitch. Good breed type. Liked her body outline and angulation. Good topline. Great coat and colour. Handled and presented expertly. “

Sioda, Dundee

  • 1.06.2019, 2nd Members Stakes, Southern Counties Championship Show under judge Francesco Cochetti (Italy)

”   “

Sioda, 2nd Members Stakes, Southern Counties Championship Show

  • 1.06.2019, 2nd Reserve CC Stakes, Southern Counties Championship Show, under judge Francesco Cochetti (Italy)

” Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Lovely female, excellent construction and great temperament, lovely head and expression, correct coat texture, good mover.  “


  • 25.05.2019, 1st Postgraduate, Carluke and District Open Show, under judge Lisa Hampton

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 19 months old bitch, balanced in outline, not coarse in skull, jaw strong and punishing with a good scissor bit, ears carried closely along cheek, neck long and strong into well laidback shoulders, well boned straight forequarters, good level topline, strong muscular hindquarters, moved well, maturing nicely.”

  • 18.05.2019, 1st YKC Stakes, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, judge Mrs M Purnell-Carpenter. 

”   “

Sioda 1st YKC MEMBER STAKES at the SKC

  • 12.05.2019, 1st scwt graduate, Best of Breed, TERRIER GROUP 1, Cumnock and District Canine Club Open Show, judge Miss A Haugstad.

  • “SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER: G 1 BOB and Group 1, Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 18 months old compact bitch in super condition, well presented and handled, short coupled preferred her top line, good neck running cleanly into shoulders, kept top line on the move good head and ear carriage, muscular hindquarters and high set tail and well carried head.”

    Sioda BOB & Terrier Group 1 Cumnock 2019

  • 11.05.2019, 1st Postgraduate Stakes, Birmingham National Championship Show, judge Jill Peak

DAY 3 – PGD/B Stakes (52, 23) 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. 18 months old SCWT, very nice type, shown in good coat and condition. Good head proportions, nice eye and expression,  clean neck and front assembly, good legs and feet, strong body well ribbed, good quarters and set on.  Went well both ways and in profile.  “

Sioda 2019

  • 14.4.2019, 1st scwt open and Best of Breed and TERRIER GROUP 2, Selkirk and District Open Show  under judge Christine Russell.

“1 Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap. Really smart junior bitch. She has a lovely outline stacked and a smart jacket. A good body condition and a lovely head. She moved out well to gain BOB, TG2”

  • 13.04.2019,1st scwt graduate,BOB, Terrier Club of Scotland Show, judge Ian Watt (Nisyros)

 “1. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap
Quality bitch of excellent type. Pleasing head and with correct, neat ears, dark eyes, large nose and clearly define stop, creating an overall, pleasing expression. Very good front assembly, reach of neck and shoulders. Excellent depth of rib, leading into correct rear with good hind angulation. Soft, silky coat of lovely wheaten colour. Beautifully presented coat. Moved well. Best of Breed.”

Sioda, BOB Terrier Club of Scotland

  • 06.04.2019, 2nd graduate, National Terrier Championship Show under judge Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)

” EblanaHalls Honeytrap JW. Good bitch of 17months, bit of a mummy’s girl and not keen on having her mouth looked at. Strong hindquarters and well proportioned.” “

  • 31.03.2019, 1st scwt Graduate, West Lothian Open Show under judge Mr Mark Walshaw (Janmark)

”  Lui, Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Really nice head on this youngster. Balanced, in proportion and flat. Dark eye, good biye and smart ears. Balanced through a compact body, ample bone and substance. Tidy through ribs, correct tailset and good rear angulation. Covered the ground on the move. “

Sioda, West Lothian 2019, 1st grad

  • 24.02.2019, 1st scwt pg, Catrine Canine Club Open Show, under Judge Julia Cummings (Rocabec)

”  PG 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Compact bitch with a nice overall shape and balance, moved well both coming and going. Nice head with good pigmentation and well presented.”

  • 23.02.2019, 1st scwt open, Best of Breed, Irvine and District Open Show under judge Mr Chris Everard

”  “

  • 16.02.2019, 1st scwt postgraduate, Upperward of Lanarkshire Open Show under judge Mr Eamon O’Hare (Castlereagh)

”  “

  • 10.02.2019, 1st scwt of, Best of Breed and Terrier Group 1, Coatbridge, Airdrie and District Open Show under judge Mr D Robbins (Chenting)

” Soft Coated Wheaten
1st Lui EBLANAHALLS HONEYTRAP JW 15 month bitch I was impressed with this youngster. Nice width of skull with lovely feminine head with good mouth and stop. Lovely slight arch of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, Straight front with good bone. Excellent spring of rib set by square stance and nice depth of chest. For one so young she had very good coat and moved very well with super rear drive for BOB and G1.   “

Síoda TG1 Coatbridge 2019

  • 09.02.2019, 2nd scwt postgrad, Rutherglen Open Show under judge Chris Briggs (Bellpins)

 ”  “

Síoda Rutherglen 2019

  • 02.02.2019, 1st scwt open bitch, Best of Breed, TERRIER GROUP 3, Caledonian Canine Society 320 Class Open Show under judge Gillian Knight

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Nice junior bitch, good feminine head with kind dark eye. Nice shoulder placement and rear angulation giving a general balance and moved very well which won her the class and BOB.”

Síoda Caledonian OS TG3

  • 02.02.2019, 2nd A/V Kaxval Junior Stakes, Caledonian Canine Society 320 Class Open Show under judge Mr S McArdle.

”   “

Síoda Caledonian 2nd AV Junior Stakes

  • 27.01.2019, 1st scwt postgraduate, Best of Breed and Terrier Group 3, Hamilton Open Show under judge Mr Ross Delmar (Shillelagh)

”    “

Síoda Terrier Group 3, Hamilton OS

  • 26.01.2019, 1st scwt postgraduate, Kirkintilloch, Lenzieand District Open Show, under judge Jillian Young 

”   “

  • 18.01.2019, 2nd Junior Bitch, Manchester Championship Show under judge Roberta Wright 

” 2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. Smaller than my winner but well put together to present an excellent overall shape, was a bit of a fidget at first but when settled she came into her own with sound steady strides covering the ground well.  “

Síoda, 2nd Junior Bitch Manchester 2019

  • 06.01.2019, 1st scwt postgraduate, Paisley & District Canine Society Open Show under judge Mr Ian Shaw (Honeyhall)

”    “

Sioda, 1st scwt pg, Paisley 2019

  • 05.01.2019, 1st scwt Junior, Kilmarnock and District Open Show under judge Mrs J N Patterson (Auchenhove)

”  “

Sioda, 1st scwt junior, Kilmarnock

  • 27.12.2018, 2nd AVNSC, Livingston Canine Society Open Show under judge Mrs E Laidlaw (Glencarron)

” 2 Norkett Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, SCWT, lovely young bitch, beautiful head and nicely shaped body. Good textured coat. A bit erratic on the move today. Promising youngster”

Sioda, 2nd AVNSC Livingston

  • 23.12.2018, 1st scwt open, BEST OF BREED, Cambuslang Canine Club Open Show under judge Keith Nathan

”   “

Sioda, 1st scwt, Best of Breed, Cambuslang

  • 22.12.2018, 1st scwt Graduate, Carluke and District Open Show under judge Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

” 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW A quality bitch with lovely outline when standing and on the move. Super front, good head, flat and of correct length, good spot. Well placed shoulder into level topline. Good tail set and backend, moving out true both ways. “

Sioda, 1st scwt graduate, Carluke

  • 16.12.2018, 1st scwt junior, 1st scwt pg, RBCC, LKA Championship Show, judge Julie Moyes (Plumhollow)

  1. “JB (6) Good class. 1st. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. What a stunner! Feminine head, long neck, level topline, firm body, super shoulder placement, good legs and feet, lovely rear. Steady slow pace really showed off her precise movement. Beautiful coat colour with soft waves coming. Very well handled to get the best from her. RCC  “

  • 2.12.2018, 2nd scwt post grad, West Lothian Open Show under judge Euan Castel

“Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, another youngster in lovely condition, nicely proportioned head, well placed shoulder, nice rear. Moved well.”

Sioda, West Lothian

  • 18.11.2018, 1st SCWT PostGrad, Clydebank & District Open Show, judge Ian Gabriel (Gaybryl)

”   “

Síoda, 1st scwt pg, Clydebank 2018

  • 27.10.2018, 2nd Junior, 2nd Postgraduate, Midland Counties Championship Show, under Breed Specialist Eileen Boak (Bacanti)

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap. Another promising one. Slightly smaller and paler in colour. Well proportioned and moved beautifully.   “

Sioda under judge Eileen Boak.

  • 21.10.2018, 1st scwt pg, Best of Breed, TERRIER GROUP 1, Kirkintilloch and District Open Show, judge Mr Allan Stephenson.

”  “

Sioda, Terrier Group 1 Kirkintilloch Open Show 2018

  • 20.10.2018, 2nd Junior Bitch, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GBs Championship Show under judge Jo Dowdy (Denzilly)

” 2. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. Another youngster I liked very much. Very good head proportions with well-defined stop, dark hazel eyes & flat skull. Strong neck leading to very good shoulder placement. Well bodied for age but longer cast than 1. Level topline & tailset. I would prefer a little more length of leg for overall balance.  Moved out very fluently displaying reach & drive. Another very promising coat, soft & a clear wheaten colour.”

Sioda scwtc of GBs champ show 2018

  • 14.10.2018, 1st av puppy bitch, Reserve Best Puppy in Show and 1st scwt postgraduate, Terrier Club of Scotland Open Show, judge Mark Ord.

“1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap (S.C.W.T.) flat skull and of medium length, strong in jaw, well set eye of medium size, ears well set on skull and v shaped, good body for age, well laid back shoulders, good feet, strong quarters with hocks well let down, in good coat of correct texture and hard muscle tone.”

Sioda, Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Terrier Club of Scotland Open Show

05.10.2018, 1st scwt Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, South Wales Kennel Association SWKA Championship Show, judge Anthony Brooks (Loofahsa)

” Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap : A very pretty bitch, presents a balanced outline standing and on the move, although handler tends to overstretch her and she can appear exaggerated. Nice head with small well set ears. Moved very well with reach and drive. A promising puppy full of confidence and enjoying herself .BPIB “


  • 30.09.2018, 2nd scwt open, Best Puppy in Breed, Terrier Puppy Group 2, Selkirk and District Open Show, judge Jane Baker

  1. ” 2nd. Lui’s, Eblanahalls Honeytrap, Nice puppy, good head and eye, v shaped ears, nice scissor bite, strong neck, good length of shoulder, nice bone, compact body, short loin, well bent stifle. Just needs to settle but moved well BP, PG2″

  • 22.09.2018, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Driffield Championship Show under judge Mr Paul Wilkinson

”  1st Lui & Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap
nice type and size, clean in head, excellent mouth, good neck and nice shoulder, good topline and a nice coat, good set on, moved well in front, a little close in rear, stylish in profile.”

Sioda, Driffield 2018

  • 14.09.2018,1st Puppy Bitch, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GBs Open Show North under judge Maud Hawkes (Maridale)

” 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. This little girl filled my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She is a small package of positive attitude and purpose and so well balanced. Lovely head with neat ears and dark eyes full of expression. Very nice front assembly, good reach of neck leading into strong back over deep rib of good depth and length. Good hind angulation with enough behind. Lovely clear wheaten coat in good order. Moved out so well and at one with her young handler. BPIS. “

Síoda, Best Puppy in Show, SCWT Club of GBs Open Show

  • 14.09.2018, 1st Puppy Bitch, Darlington Championship Show under judge Angela Switzer (Starcadia)

“PB  (1) 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. 10 mths old, lovely shape, deep chest for a youngster, good topline and tail set, moved and handled very well.   “

Síoda, 1st Puppy Bitch at Darlington 2018

  • 8.09.2018, 1st scwt open, Best of Breed, TERRIER GROUP 2, Lothian Canine Club Open Show, judge Mr Ray Morland (Triken)

”   1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, young bitch full of quality, had the shape, condition and the presentation to win this class, very well handled, Terrier Group 2. “

Síoda Lothian Open Show BOB TG2

  • 25.08.2018, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Terrier Puppy Group 2, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under judge Dr Archie Bryden (Gantocks),  Group judge Mr K D Sinclair (Araki)

“1 Lui’s Eblanhalls Honeytrap. Lovely 10m well balanced little bitch, nice head, dark eye, black nose, bite OK, nice ear carriage, well made fore and aft, level topline, moved well, one to watch in the future. BOS, BPIB and delighted she went Reserve Best Puppy in Group.” Dr Bryden

“2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. Scwt. Great outline style, proud head carriage, very sound behind, well handled.  Mr K D Sinclair”

Síoda, Best Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed and TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 2

  • 25.08.2018, 1st YKC MEMBERS STAKES, Crufts 2019 qualifier, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under judge Mrs J A Ward (Mianja)

“1 Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I loved everything about this young lady, super head and expression with flat skull and muzzle, large nose. Balanced in outline, good body proportions, strong back and loin, good angulation fore and aft. In super coat and condition. Very sound and true on the move.

Síoda and Orlagh Lui winning the YKC MEMBERS STAKES at the SKC 2018

  • 18.08.1018, 1st scwt Puppy Bitch, Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, judge Jill Peak.

“B (3) 1 Lui & Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap. 10 months old good type pleasing head and expression, good stop, nice eye and pigment, ears well set, clean neck and shoulders, good bone, nice legs and feet, strong body good outline, nice quarters, moved soundly.  “

  • 18.08.2018, 2nd YKC Members Stakes, Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, judge Mrs Anne MacDonald.

”  “

  • 11.08.2018, 1st scwt junior, Best of Breed, TERRIER GROUP 1, Best Terrier Puppy, Hamilton Canine Club, judge Carmel Clarke-O’Neill (Lemracdream)

    ”  “


    SÍODA BOB and TERRIER GROUP 1, Hamilton Canine Club OPEN Show

  • 04.08.2018, 2nd Puppy Bitch, Paignton Championship Show, judge Yvonne Cannon

”  2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. 9-month-old bitch, of a good shape with excellent top line, well ribbed back and good depth to chest. Excellent tail set and carriage. Angles good, moved well in profile and behind, but had a tendency to pin in front. “

28.07.2018, 1st scwt Puppy Bitch, 3rd Puppy Stakes, Leeds Championship Show, judge Felicity Snooks

1. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. A really lovely, outstanding, well balanced feminine bitch puppy of good size, but still a baby. She pushed really hard for best puppy bitch. I see they are the same age and should battle all their showing careers for top place. Nice head and expression, good ear set, with flat skull. Good neck and lovely level topline. Strong back and loin, with good angulation and muscled hindquarters. Moved freely with drive. Correct, lovely coat coming, which should enhance the picture when fully mature.”

Síoda Leeds 2018

  • 28.07.2018, 1st scwt pg, Best of Breed, Terrier Group 3, 1st AV TERRIER Puppy,  Best Terrier Special Puppy, Upperward of Lanarkshire Open Show, judge Julie Harrison (Trenson)


Síoda BOB Upperwards 2018

  • 15.07.2018, 1st scwt postgrad, 1st av minor puppy, Best Special Terrier Minor Puppy, Fife Open Show, judge Moira Barrass, (Gallondean)

”  1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, very feminine bitch, well balanced head with dark eyes and strong scissor bite, good ear set, neat slope of neck and front, balanced rib to loin, strong muscular rear giving drive, good tail carriage, presented in good coat. Winner of A.V. terrier special minor puppy class.”

Síoda, Fife Show, Best Special Terrier Minor Puppy

  • 7.07.2018, 1st scwt PG, 1st av special Minor Puppy, Best Special Terrier Puppy, Reserve Best Special Puppy Show, Greenock and District KA Open Show, terrier judge Mr Ken Andrews, BIS judge Mr Martin Sanders (Castellcoch)

” 1 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap. 9 month old bitch, compact, good head and neck, well muscled, steady mover.”

  • 6.07.2018, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Pup in Breed, Shorlisted in the Puppy Group, East of England Championship Show, judge Mrs L McLoughlin, Group Judge Glenn Davies

“1st Mrs LV Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap Very feminine little lady, nice dark eye with soft expression, well balanced, lovely outline with good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline with good tailset and well angulated. Lovely coat of good colour and texture, very well presented, moved and handled very well. BP”

  • 29.06.18, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Pup in Breed, Windsor Championship Show, judge Tom Mather.

”  1st Eblanahalls Honeytrap. I admired her head and expression with flat skull and muzzle, large nose pad. Well balanced and pleasing for size with good ribbing, strong back and loin and pleasing hind angulation. Moved well. Clear wheaten coat of good texture. “

Síoda winning BPIB at Windsor

  • 17.06.2018, 1st Puppy Stakes, Border Union Championship Show,  Judge Fran Kaye (Danfrebek)

”  DAY 2 AV Gundog/Hound/Terrier Puppy Stakes P STAKES M (57,4) 1 Lui – SCWT Eblanahalls Honeytrap Stood four square lovely shape and size good length of head well pigmented excellent forehand firm top line nicely muscled for age moved freely.”

Síoda 1st Puppy Stakes, Border Union Championship Show

  • 17.06.2018, 2nd scwt puppy bitch, Border Union Championship Show, judge Ken Francis (Sawheaten)

” 2. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honey Trap. Another pretty puppy,8 months old wearing a good rich coloured coat. Correct proportions with strong head, hazel eye and scissor bite. Sufficient reach of neck and level topline. Moved well. These two could easily change places on another   “

Síoda Border Union

  • 10.06.2018, 1st Special Terrier Minor Puppy, Best Special Terrier Minor Puppy, 1st Bred by Exhibitor, St Andrews, Cupar & District Canine Society Open Show, judge Carol Dunford (Quixol)

” Terrier MP (3,1) 1 & Special MP Lui, Eblanahalls Honeytrap SCW 7mths bitch lovely pup well presented with a good clear coat for a pup, pleasing head with excellent mouth, good outline and conformation, moved well for age, should do well. “

EblanaHalls Honeytrap

  • 9.06.2018, 3rd SCWT Open, 1st and BEST TERRIER SPECIAL MINOR PUPPY, Dundee Canine club 378 Class Open Show, judge Janette Callon (Russtan)

”  1. Eblanahalls Honeytrap.. Lovely Puppy . Pleasing Head Full of Character. Compact Body Short Back. Very Pretty Just needs to settle ut I am sure this will come with Maturity.”

  • 27.05.2018, 1st AV TERRIER SPECIAL PUPPY, 1ST AV PUPPY STAKES, Cambuslang Open Show, Mr E J Houston (Earthwise)

”  “

  • 26.05.2018, 3nd SCWT Open, Carluke and District Open Show, judge Linda Matthews (Leomona)

” 3 Lui’s Elbanahalls Honeytrap. 6 month old bitch, good in head with correct dentition. Compact body, topline level and a good tail carriage. Moved very well for a puppy, coat of good colour and texture. “

Síoda at Carluke

  • 25.05.2018, 2nd minor puppy bitch, BATH Championship Show, judge Mr Max King

“2. Lui’s Eblanhalls Honeytrap. Coat not as forward as 1, and tended to overstretch when standing which detracting profile picture.”

  • 18.05.2018, 2nd SCWT Puppy Bitch, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, Judge Mr B A Hanney (Lilwaukee)

” Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, not much between these two, again well balanced and a steady free mover, nice length of neck and back with excellent rear angulation.”

Síoda 2nd puppy bitch, SKC 2018

  • 2.05.2018, 1st av minor puppy, Best Special Minor Puppy in Show, Perthshire Open Show, judge Carol Stephens (Seayess)

1st Lui’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier EBLANAHALLS HONEYTRAP – 6 month old eye catching bitch puppy. Lovely make and shape, good head, lovely body lines, moved well. Should go all the way – very well handled. BSMP
Lui’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier EBLANAHALLS HONEYTRAP”

  • 5.05.2018, 1st Bred By Exhibitor, Land O’Burns Show, Judge Mr D Queen (Queenbears)



  • 29.04.2018, 2nd SCWT Graduate, Ladies Kennel Association of Scotland Open Show, Mr Arthur Cuthbertson (Ashbrae)

”   2. Lui Eblanahalls Honeytrap. 6 month old puppy bitch, promising pup well made in body, good mouth correct bite. She moved and showed very well “

Síoda Ladies Kennel Association of Scotland 2018

  • 29.04.2018, 2nd AVNSC TERRIER, 1st AV Minor Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, Terrier Puppy Group 3, Falkirk & District, judge  MRS RC WRIGHT (Satrebor)

”  2 Lul’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap, SCWT. Such a smart well trained baby of 6 mths super feminine head with ex pigment & dark eyes  Coat of good colour & texture for age. Compact body with level back & well muscled quarters moved so well.PG3″

Sioda Falkirk and District Open Show, Puppy Group 3

  • 22.04.2018, 2nd SCWT Junior, TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 3, Clydebank &District Open Show, judge Liz Dunhill (Fantasa Team Vormund)

“Eblanahall’s Honeytrap. 6 month baby of super coat colour and texture, pretty head, with good stop and well placed ears, good bite and pigmentation, dark eye of good shape,  loved her expression. Moderate length of neck, and slightly longer cast than the winner, ex hindquarters, well carried tail, beautiful puppy, with fantastic character, so happy moved and shows to perfection.  “


Xx.xx.2018, avterrier puppy, Drongan and District,

“2. Lui’s, Eblanahalls Honeytrap. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Coat just coming through.”

Síoda RBCC at LKA 2018