About Us

 Origins of our Affix, EBLANAHALLS

Eblana is the name of an ancient Irish settlement which appears in the Geographicaof Claudius Ptolemaeus, the Greek astronomer and cartographer, around the year 140 AD. Early Irish antiquarians, such as Sir John Ware and Walter Harries, believed that the name Eblana in Ptolemy’s Geographia was in fact a corruption of Deblana, itself a version of the Gaelic name DUBH LINN (Black Pool), from which the modern English language name Dublin derives.” Wikipedia

Eblana is an ancient name for Dublin and perfect name for a kennel that is committed to what many people consider the oldest Irish breed of dog, the soft coated wheaten terrier.

As Eblana was already the name of my parent’s kennel where they bred champion afghans and Irish wolfhounds, we needed to find a unique name but still keep the family link.

I remembered that my great-grandfather, the Irish titular musician, Brendan Rogers, had a house in Dun Laoghaire called Eblana Halls and it suited us perfectly.

I would like to think that he wandered along the shore with a dog at his heels but I have no evidence of this, yet!


Brendan Rogers of Eblana Halls, Dun Laoghaire