Puppy Waiting List Application

We are not commercial traders , we are preservation hobby breeders doing our best to help save this vulnerable breed.

We will be having a very special litter in the Autumn of 2024.

If you would like to be considered for our puppy waiting list*, please copy and paste the questions below into an email and send it to us at eblanahalls@hotmail.com

Please do understand that the care and well-being of our dogs is our top priority so we may not respond to your application immediately.

*If you have previously submitted the answers via our website submit button, please resubmit your responses as there was an issue and we have not received them. Thank you.





1.Can you tell me what you know about the breed and why you think they are the breed for you?

2.What is the make up of your family? Are there any babies or very young children? Wheatens can be boisterous at times and could knock a small child over. It is something you need to consider.

3. Is there anyone in your family with dog allergies? Have they been around a wheaten terrier before and been free of reactions? Would they commit to coming and spending a couple of hours with our dogs to see if they have any reaction? Most people with dog allergies are fine with wheaten terriers as they don’t shed or cast hair. Their coat comes off in the comb only, not on clothes or furniture. However, some people such as me, have a mild allergic reaction when cutting their hair. This is easily remedied by wearing a grooming tunic, hoovering up carefully afterwards and showering.

4. When were you hoping to bring a puppy home? Are you willing to wait a while for the right pup?

5. Can you commit to loving and caring for a wheaten for 14-17 years as they often live that long?

6. Are you able to commit to combing through a pup every evening for a full year, then twice a week for the rest of your life? *

7. Can you commit to training your new puppy every day? The dog you get reflects on how much tie you have spent training your puppy. Put the time in as a pup and you will get the dog you want.

8. Have you owned a dog before? What breed?

9. Do you have any other pets?

10. Do you work full time or will there be someone home all day? Will there be someone to walk the pup through the day?

11. Will you use positive reinforcement training methods? Wheaten terriers can be sensitive and will not respond well to punishments. Reward the good behaviour and (try) to ignore the bad.

12. Are you aware that there are 2 different coat types, Irish and heavy and do you have a preference ?

13. Do you have a preference for a male or a female puppy and can you explain your reasons why?

14. Where will your pup go when you go on holiday?

15. Are you wanting a pet as a companion or do you want a pet for showing or agility sports as well?

16. Our Agreements:

  • Please also be aware that our pups come with Kennel Club endorsements meaning they can’t be bred from. We are very strict about this and it is to protect our pups from ended up in the hands of backyard breeders or puppy farmers. Do you understand this?

17. Our Agreements 2:

  • We also ask that our families don’t neuter their pups until they are 2 years old. This allowed their growth plates to close properly, and the pups to have natural bone growth. It also protects them from a host of bone cancers, arthritis and incontinence issues related to early neutering. There is plenty of research on this matter that I can forward if you require it. Will you agree to this?

18. Our Agreements 3:

  • We also require that, if for some reason you are unable to keep your pup, you may not sell or pass them on to another family but that they must be returned to us. We do understand that sometimes things happen in our lives that we can’t plan for and we will be there for our pups if we are needed, no matter what their age. Do you agree to this?

19. Very rarely a pup might come back to us if their owner can no longer keep them. They would stay with us for a few weeks while we assess them before we would consider rehoming them. Would you be interested in rehoming a pup older than 8 weeks?

Finally, We will support you by providing advice on feeding, grooming, training, socialisation, showing etc throughout the pups entire life as we want the best for your pup. We believe in working in partnership with you so you have the best experience of dog ownership.

Please send your responses to eblanahalls@hotmail.com

Thank you