Coat Types and Grooming

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There are 2 coat types in soft coated wheaten terriers, the original and authentic Irish coat and the more modern teddybear-like heavy or English coat. Both coat types have their fans and we are fans of both. Wheatens have hair and not fur and this accounts for the softness. Both coats are a single coat and both coats are non shedding/casting meaning they will drop little or no hair. We find that hair only comes out in the comb when grooming and don’t find any in their bedding or on furniture. Many people who have dog allergies find that they have no problems living with a wheaten terrier. Being allergic to dogs myself, I know how important it is to be sure the hair doesn’t affect you so we do recommend allergy sufferers to spend some time with wheatens before committing to bringing a puppy home.


Both coats have a grooming commitment and we do our best to impress this upon people who are showing an interest in the breed.


Pups should be put on a grooming table as soon as possible no matter which coat type. We start introducing our puppies to the grooming table at 2 weeks old. This will make grooming much more manageable when they are older as they will be used to it as a positive experience. Pups lose their puppy coat around 9 months when it is replaced with a junior coat. It is wise to be extra vigilant with your grooming around this time as it is easy for tugs and mats to appear especially around angles, armpits and elbows. Pups will lose this junior coat around 18 months old and this wil be replaced with their adult coat.


*It is worth noting that neutering a wheaten terrier will affect their coat with many people finding their dogs becoming a bit woolly.


Pooka: Heavy Coat


CuSidhe: Irish Coat

Shoogle: Irish Coat

Shoogle Autumn 2016

Irish Coat

The Irish coat is softer and silkier.  It is far easier to maintain as there isn’t as much of it. It is much  slower growing so will require less cutting. The pups have a harsher, shorter coat but this will grow to reveal a silky soft glorious coat.  We find the pups need less grooming over their first 4-5 months but this has its drawback with the pups not having as much experience on the grooming table. Therefore we advise people to still get their pups up on the table even if it is just for puppy cuddles. Owners do need to wait for their Irish coated wheaten to show its true beauty but like a fine Irish whiskey, these things take time and it is worth the wait.



Heavy Coat

The heavy coat requires pups to be groomed every single night without fail, certainly for the first year, then about twice a week. The puppy’s coat is very full and they do look like little teddy bears. This coat is generally straighter with waves not appearing until they achieve a mature coat.






We give all our puppy owners information and  show them basic information on grooming before they leave with their pup. W also give followup grooming lessons to help them keep their pups coat manageable.We do advise that families learn how to groom their dogs themselves as this will help their dog bond with them and save themselves a considerable amount of money.

If you have a wheaten that requires grooming, please contact us at: supermiffy@hotmail.com 


Grooming Video Links

Trimming a wheaten terrier puppy

Part 1

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Irish coats



Heavy Coats

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3



Grooming Equipment

Grooming table with arm and attachments

long pin greyhound comb

Straight scissors

thinning scissors

blunt nose scissors

nail clippers

  • We do not recommend the use of clippers on wheaten coats as it can change the texture of the coat however we do trim ears with clippers