Results and Critiques – EblanaHalls Fau Paws

EblanaHalls Fau Paws

Cambuslang Open Show 17.12.2018

  • 28.09.2019, 2nd Postgraduate Bitch, Belfast Championship Show under judge Mr J Byrnes (Ireland)  “2nd Mr L V Lui – Eblanahalls Fau Paws Over all a very short bitch, head ok would like a better ear set, dark eyes, bite ok clean front and good bone feet ok, well ribbed and good backend with nice turn of stifle moved ok and good coat condition.”

  • 15.06.2019, 1st Novice Bitch, Border Union Championship Show under judge Margret Moller-Seiber (Wheaten Rebels)

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  • 02.06.2019, 2nd scwt postgraduate, Dundee Open Show, under judge Karen Jackson (Jackobyte)

” 2nd Lui’s EBLANAHALLS FAU PAWS (b) Lighter in build than 1st but a pleasing bitch to examine and view from all angles. Good head and proportion with nice dark eye. Moved out well. Handled perfectly. ”

Fleadh 2nd pg Dundee

  • 25.08.2018, 1st Junior Bitch, Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show under judge Dr Archie Bryden (Gantocks)

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Fleadh, 1st Junior Bitch, SKC 2018

  • 11.07.2018, 2nd scwt Postgraduate, Hamilton Canine Club, judge Carmel Clarke-O’Neill (Lemracdream)

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  • 7.07.2018, 2nd SCWT Postgraduate, Greenock & District Kennel Association Open Show, judge Ken Andrew

” Lui’s Eblanahalls Fau Paws.  14 month old bitch, good shape and toline, between coats.”

  • 29.06.2018, 2nd Junior Bitch, Windsor Championship Show under, judge Tom Mather

“Eblanahalls Fau Paws. Still feeling the effects of her season and the intense heat of the day. Good head proportions, dark intelligent eyes and good pigmentation. Clean neck and shoulders. Well angulated.”

  • 28.04.2018, 2nd Puppy Bitch, West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show, judge Jean Wright

” 2 Lui Eblanahalls Fau Paws has a paler coat but still soft and wavy good pigmentation with big black nose, nice neck with good front a bit aller than 1 moved ok

  • 17.12.2017, PUPPY GROUP 2, Cambuslang Open Show, judge Mrs F. I. Kaye (Danfrebek)”

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10.12.2017, 1st Puppy Bitch, LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, judge Gill Ford (Kanjuley)

“”PB 1. Eblanahalls Fau Paws. Attractive head, good bite,eye and pigment. Pleasing neck into level topline. Angulation balanced front and rear. Irish coat developing well, shiny, silky and a good colour. Moved well in this class.”